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Customer Comments

Customer Comments

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  1. We took and early morning balloon flight with Sky Drifters and it was amazing! The sky was clear and the fields green, with a excellent view of the Sierra Nevadas'. Couldn't have been better!

  2. Wonderful ride and professtional team! Great experience!

  3. The flight and the crew were fantastic! Thank you very much for a great experience and for providing me a chance to give a great birthday gift to my wife. Thanks!

  4. First time experience for me. Really liked it. They leave early in the morning for the air/wind but that also makes the experience magical. There are a few walkers/joggers on the ground – but other than that, almost nothing else is moving and you get to see very nice landscape including some lakes. At least when we went, they had enough customers for 2 balloons – so it was really amazing to see the reflection of the other balloon. Really appreciated the crew – they worked hard early in the morning to get the things going and then handling the landing which is tougher. Getting to see the whole experience from things unloaded from the truck to things getting back on the truck was also very nice to see.

  5. We took a hot air balloon ride at down yesterday: Awesome, just wonderful. Sky Drifters guys were pleasant and professional and sure knew what they were doing! We'd do it again in a heartbeat!

  6. Our recent hot air balloon ride with Skydrifters owner Tim Nelson was, for us, a trip of a lifetime….one we had long wished to take. We thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience, and especially appreciated Tim's competence, professionalism and skill. We hope others in our community will take advantage of this wonderful local service. You won't regret it!

  7. A magical, wonderful and unforgettable experience. Thank you to Tim and the entire crew who were all professional, competent and warm and charming as well.

  8. A wonderful, magical and unforgettable experience. Thank you to Tim and his entire crew who were professional, competent and warm and welcoming as well.

  9. I bought a Groupon deal as a gift for my mom's birthday. Tim was great about scheduling and following-up with reminder emails. We had an absolutely fabulous time. Tim and his crew were friendly and knowledgeble about all aspects of ballooning and weather related to our flight. My mom had bucket list trip and she and I have some wonderful memories and lots of pictures. Thanks SkyDrifters!

  10. It was absolutely fun! I liked the safety measures taken by the company.overall good experience

  11. I bought a groupon deal for my husband's birthday and was very happy with everything. My husband and I were very pleased with everything. We want to do it again.

  12. I wanted to do something special for my birthday – and Hot Air Ballooning was on my 'bucket list' so a group of my friends also wanted to go – and it was amazing!
    There were too many good things to talk about. Tim and his crew had everything ready and the 'special ceremony' afterwards was a fun treat – THANK YOU – my friends and I will always remember this experience and I know Tim will too!

  13. Wonderful experience. Loved watching the process of putting the balloons up. Bought the trip on Groupon for my son's birthday. The crew was very professional, very concerned for our safety. Beautiful ride.

  14. This was a great experience. I planned this for my 13th wedding anniversary. I am afraid of heights, so I wasn't sure how I would feel in the little basket up in the air, but after a few minutes I calmed down and enjoyed the scenery. There were even bunnies running around in the field below.

  15. Fantastic flight on my Birthday! Thanks to Tim and the crew it was a great experience and the perfect way to celebrate!

  16. My partner and I received this as a Mother's Day gift grom her dtr and son-in-law last year and we finally took advantage of it this past Thursday..and wow it was so fun! Tim actually landed on the small swim dock in the lake..something he and Dan ( the other pilot) had tried but had yet to do. So, fun watching him navigate that balloon. Professional, knowledgeable and safe..all things I wanted in this experience. I'd recommend it in a heart beat.

  17. What a great Experience. My wife had done it twice before, once in Napa and once in Fresno. This was by far the best. Plus they have baskets that carry four and the pilot. It was a birthday present for me (on my bucket list), and it was really a worthwhile experience. I'd recommend it for anybody.

  18. what a rush John have a good time

  19. I got a Groupon deal a few months back to take my girlfriend for her bday. We went today (9/14/2012). We had a GREAT time. It was a first for both of us and hopefully not a last! Tim was quick to respond via phone and email while scheduling our flight and answering any questions. Again we had a great time and Id recommend it to anybody.

  20. What an amazing day! Your team was wonderful… The service, the trips to the sky, the whole thing was absolutely amazing… Our church loved every minute of it and so did the community! We can't thank you enough and will definately do it again…

  21. What a glorious day my flight was! My husband and I wanted to do something different for our wedding day. The day was absolutely beautiful, even at 5:30 in the morning! We said our vows just as the sun was rising. The air was so quiet and calm. Tim, the officiator of the marriage and our pilot was very knowledgeable about ballooning and the areas we drifted around. I'd recommend Sky Drifters to anyone even thinking about hot air ballooning. Truly a memorable event.

  22. We had a wonderful time. I was amazed at how smooth it was to take off from the ground and how sound traveled from the ground up to us; we heard birds, cows mooing in the field. It was a beautiful Fall morning….I would love to do it again. I liked the history lesson at the end, I did not know that about ballooning!

  23. Mary and I had our first balloon ride with Sky Drifters. It was fun and safe. They had an informative pre-flight session. The pilots and their crew were fun to be with. I would recommend it to everyone. It is just a short drive from Sacramento, so it is easy to sleep at home and be there on time for launching.

  24. What a great experience. Tim, the pilot was very informative and a complete professional. His wife, Erin was also a great addition to the trip. She knew exactly the right time to take pictures and how to pose for them. We will make sure to tell all of our friends what great time it was. Can't wait to do it again!

  25. My boss went on a hot air balloon ride over the weekend, except his balloon caught fire while up in the air!! Well, not so much as caught fire as melted the side of the balloon! So I'm sure you had a much better time!! Me, never done it, don't think I will. I'd be tempted to jump out – I do that with heights!

  26. it sounds like fun, how much does it cost? perhaps Kasper and I'll try to July.

  27. Erik, glad you had a great experience we enjoyed taking you both up. Feel free to post some of your photos to our Facebook page. Thanks again for riding with us.

  28. Lisbeth Mogensen Beck visit our website at to see our ride rates. You can even book a ride or purchase a ride certificate right from there.
    Blue Skies =-)

  29. Heather Hall, we find that it is more the fear of edges that people have and with a 4 ft. tall basket around you we find people feel pretty comfortable in just a couple of minutes. Visit our to get an idea of what the ride is like. Then you can go to to see our ride rates and book a ride for your own adventure.
    Blue Skies =-)

  30. Ronald, Glad you and Mary had a great experience flying with Sky Drifters Hot Air Balloons. People are realizing that they don't need to drive 2 hours to get a Hot Air Balloon experience. Thanks and feel free to recommend us through Facebook to get the word out to your friends.
    Blue Skies =-)

  31. What a great time we had. I arranged the flight for my husband's birthday as a surprise. It was beautiful and informative! Thanks for a great morning.

  32. I loved it…. went on 4/26/13 with my best friend……….and had a amazing time… I will for sure let my family and friends know about sky drifters…. its a once in a life time experience! thank you…

  33. What an amazing experience. To see the whole process from start to finish was mind blowing. Tim and Erin were full of information.

  34. Wonderful flight and crew. Our first time in a balloon. Dan was so careful to make sure that the weather would be right and that our trip and adventure would be memorable – all the way to the "almost" dip in the lake.

  35. What an awesome adventure.

  36. Sounds like fun!

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